I'm Robin, owner of Into The Forest. We are located in beautiful Western New York, which is rich with forests, lakes and vegetation. For me, nature has always been my most significant connection to reality, including the reality of myself. It inspires me to go beyond the fictitious mores of society and the ego, guiding me to truth. The truth I have found for myself is acceptance. It is accepting myself as I would accept a tree, or a wild flower I pass by. It is allowing things to just be as they are. It is something I live by, and strive for others to live by as well. 

The core purpose of Into The Forest is to be a catalyst of self care and self love. In my eyes, taking care of the body, even in the form of skin and hair care, feeds the soul. Doing little acts of kindness for ourselves, like taking a hot bath or relaxing with a face mask, acts like water would to a thirsty plant. It shows that we care enough about ourselves to tend to ourselves, which is an act of self love. 

Finally, Into The Forest is meant to be a faint reminder, like a whisper in your ear, to care about our beautiful forests. Let's do a better job of taking care of them, and let's try harder to be a part of them. Go for a hike! Take your dog or your kids and explore that primal part of who we really are.